Biden and Trump with Election 2024 Planets

Election Day 2024: Rufflings In America

by Jude Cowell

There are two bi-wheels shown below: Election 2024 (timed by Moon to 00Cap00:00) surrounding the natal horoscope of President Joe Biden, and Election 2024 Horoscope surrounding the natal horoscope of Donald Trump. This shows Election 2024 planets on that day as transits to both natal charts; planetary contacts are listed, below:

In this post I refer to books by Ebertin Reinhold, Michael Munkasey, Noel Tyl, Alan Oken, and Julia Skalka as sources to inform us. Note that you may find other planetary contacts besides the following.

**November 5, 2024 contacts to President Biden's natal planets include:

Voting Mercury @3Sag53 conjunct Ascendant: What one thinks is on the line; rapidly disseminated news.

Saturn Rx @12Pis46 will again cross his natal IC: completion, then the beginning of a new life phase. This shift is in progress.

Mars @00Leo29 opposing Pluto @29Cap47 ruffles Biden's natal Jupiter and Pluto, both Rx, so that midpoint pictures form: Jupiter-Pluto = Mars: leadership; organizing ability; applying effective controls; publicity. With more Pluto: an increased need to control and eliminate forces of great destructiveness; seeking legal redress for wrongs imposed.

Uranus Rx @25Tau42 opposes natal Sun and Venus in Scorpio: potential for legal suits or contracts to be reversed; relationships are subject to separation; following a new, surprising direction or course of action.

**November 5, 2024 contacts to Trump's natal planets include:

Uranus @25Tau42 Rx conjunct natal Midheaven ('MC'): major change triggered by previous events or by decisions made by others; a significant alteration of life-style; a prominent career change; the need for independence.

The Venus-Jupiter opposition (aspect of "The Social Climber") lands upon his natal Sun/NN-Moon/SN axis suggesting that karmic events are involved and likely include relationship matters. (By "karmic" I mean, reaping what was sown.) Sun/NN = Tr Jupiter denotes a need for approval; expression of opinions that influence others; opposite Venus suggests sociability. Tr Venus-Jupiter = natal Sun: importance added to politics and social opinions; with North Node ('NN"): meeting with people and groups who support your ideas; with natal Moon: errors in value judgments; using arbitrary or whimsical methods.

We should also note that the Moon-Jupiter duo is associated with success but can also relate to religious, legal, and/or political conflicts. And the Venus-Jupiter pairing links to happiness and popularity, but can also indicate wastefulness, too rich living, conceit, falsity in relationships, and/or illness.

The Mars-Pluto opposition @00Leo29/29Cap47 ruffles Trump's natal Sun-NN/Moon-SN axis and blows up his sense of Self; a midpoint picture forms: natal Venus-Pluto = Tr Mars: armed struggles against financial centers; temperamental emotionalism; brutal expression of feelings; using power and prestige to enhance one's position; needing to conceal people and/or activities.

Note: the Mars-Pluto opposition actually perfects on November 3, 2024, two days prior to Election Day 2024, with both planets at critical 29th degrees. In addition, November 1, 2024 brings a New Moon @9Sco35 which basically is a Lunar Return to the Inauguration *2017* Horoscope and, sorry to say, is the Predictive New Moon of Election 2024.

What About Election 2024 Moon @00Cap00:00?

With Saturn-ruled Capricorn known as the sign of government, law, and business, I'm using here a Horoscope set for the moment on Election Day 2024 (10:17:17 am est) that the transiting Moon (We the Voters; the public mood grows more serious; and/or inconstancy) leaves the Jupiter-ruled sign of Sagittarius (religiosity; idealism) and reaches one of the Cardinal World Points of Manifestation @00Cap00:00 suggesting that a sense of duty and concerns over responsibility may inform our votes as we remember who led the march toward repealing Roe v Wade and the suffering and lack of medical care for women its repeal has caused.

Meanwhile, in Trump's natal chart this position falls within his 5th house of Speculation, Risk-Taking, Gambling, Romantic Escapades, Children, and Creative Pursuits. For President Biden, 00Cap00:00 falls within his 1st house of Self, and since Saturn is the planet of old age, I'll curb my remarks except to observe that too much has been said already, and both men are rather long in the tooth!

As for the 00Cap00:00 Moon's aspects to their natal planets, for Trump, Luna will soon oppose natal Mercury in Cancer, the self-protective sign of nationalism and tribalism, after squaring his natal Neptune. This spotlights Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square with its fantasy-prone tendencies to lie, cheat, and blab (open mouth insert foot), and the ruffling will likely activate his "sneaky mind." Plus, a midpoint picture forms of potentials: Moon-Mercury = natal Neptune: wrong thinking; subtle changes in the context of information; ex: adjusting the data.

Then for President Biden, Moon @00Cap00:00 trines his natal Taurus Moon, both at critical zero degrees, so my suspicion is that he'll display a goodly measure of placidity concerning Election 2024.

Then being a fan of democracy, my sincere hope is that President Joe Biden will have good reason to display just that.

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